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Our aim is simple: Helping Christians to get more done and get it done like Christians.

Through weekly articles and podcast episodes, we examine the subject of productivity from a Christian worldview—looking to the Scriptures to establish a distinctly Christian theology for work, family, efficiency, technology, and goal-setting. Because as believers stewarding the many responsibilities of our lives, we must ensure that we are intentionally doing all things for the glory of God.

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My Current Productivity Arsenal

As someone who is trying to maximize their life for God’s glory, I am always on the lookout for new systems and tools which can help me accomplish that goal. If you read this blog, I'm betting you're the same way. So, I thought it might fun to share with you what I’m currently using in my personal productivity arsenal.

10 Spiritual Benefits of Journaling

A few weeks ago I was cleaning my garage and discovered a stack of old journals in a plastic bin. That put a prompt end to my cleaning plans. For two-hours, I sat on a metal folding chair poring over entries I had penned over a decade ago. As I read, I was reminded of long-forgotten life events, surprised by God’s providence, and embarrassed by my own ignorance. But for all the emotions those old...

The Right to Lead

“Why should anyone listen to me?” I can’t tell you how many times those words have hissed in the recesses my mind, unsettling my confidence, and making me question my ability to lead. Throughout my life I have been a leader in a variety of arenas. I have led bible studies, missions trips, departments, projects, and a family. For years, I’ve also been telling people what to think and do through...

A New Podcast

I am pleased to announce that, in addition to the weekly blog, I will now also be producing a weekly podcast, The Redeeming Productivity Show. The goal of the podcast is to cover topics in a bit more depth, give access to content on Christian productivity for people who might not have time to read the blog, and also provide a venue to do interviews with productive Christians so we can learn how...

Why Reading Your Bible Daily is the Best Way to Be Productive

A few years ago a viral video circulated of Navy Seal Admiral McRaven giving the commencement speech at University of Texas, Austin. The memorable quote came when the admiral said that the best way to start off your day was by making your bed. He listed the benefits of putting bed-making first, and how it sets off a chain reaction of productivity and order in one’s life. It was good, simple, and...

God’s Grand Design for Work

In this periodic series, we’ve been exploring the phases of man’s relationship to work through time—work in the sense of one’s labor in general, job, or vocation. In this final installment, we will look at how this understanding of work throughout every phase of man’s existence affects the way in which we work in the present. Previous installments include: Work is Not a Dirty Word...

3 Spiritual Benefits of Living Close to Work

About six months ago I took a new job, had a baby, and purchased a home. This was what they call a Significant Life Event (SLE). It was a lot all at once, but it was a lot of good. One of the seemingly small changes that came along with all of these big changes was that we landed in a home just a little over a mile from my new job. And I have been pleasantly surprised by how dramatically living...

Will We Work in Heaven?

In this periodic series, we’ve been exploring the phases of man’s relationship to work through time—work in the sense of one’s labor in general, job, or vocation. In this installment, we look at work in Heaven. Previous articles include: Work is Not a Dirty Word, about how man was created to work.No TED Talks in Eden, about what happened to work after man’s fall into sin.Productivity...

How to Stop Junk Mail (And All Paper Mail)

Don’t you hate junk mail? There’s something about receiving unsolicited advertisements in my mailbox that just grinds my gears. In this post, I outline out to stop junk mail from even reaching your mailbox, as well as some tips on how to cut down on most other paper mail as well. I had to learn these things not just because of my hate of junk mail, but because my living situation...

Stewardship & Productivity: A 10-Week Online Course

Recently, I had the privilege of producing a course titled Stewardship & Productivity for The Institute for Church Leadership (ICL). It’s just launched, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the class and let you know about a special deal. The Content of the Class In this 10-lesson, self-paced, fully online course I explore both the theological and practical sides of stewarding...

A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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