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3 Spiritual Benefits of Living Close to Work

About six months ago I took a new job, had a baby, and purchased a home. This was what they call a Significant Life Event (SLE). It was a lot all at once, but it was a lot of good. One of the seemingly small changes that came along with all of these big changes was that we landed in a home just a little over a mile from my new job. And I have been pleasantly surprised by how dramatically living...

Stewardship & Productivity: A 10-Week Online Course

Recently, I had the privilege of producing a course titled Stewardship & Productivity for The Institute for Church Leadership (ICL). It’s just launched, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the class and let you know about a special deal. The Content of the Class In this 10-lesson, self-paced, fully online course I explore both the theological and practical sides of stewarding...

2018 Christmas Gift Guide for the Productive Christian in Your Life

Maybe you’ve got a productive Christian in your life or just want to get a little something for yourself. I’ve put together a list of several products and books that will put a twinkle in the eye of any believer with a penchant for productivity. 1. Kindle Paperwhite Any productivity oriented person is going to read a lot of books. While I still prefer to read physical books, I do own...

8 Ways to Make Daily Bible Reading a Habit

We live in a time in which there is unprecedented access to Bible study tools—multiple excellent translations, study helps, internet resources, Bible software, phone apps, etc.—yet we are also more distracted than ever. Personal devotion to God through Bible reading is a blessing you do not want to skip. And Scripture tells us of the importance of spending time in the Word. Yet, so many...

4 Reasons Time is Precious – Jonathan Edwards

What is the most valuable resource in the universe? Jonathan Edwards would answer that question with, “time.” Time is precious. Dated December of 1734, Puritan pastor Jonathan Edwards published a short piece titled The Preciousness of Time and The Importance of Redeeming It. The essay or sermon is based on Ephesians 5:16 and divides into five sections. This short work has personal...

What Living in an RV Taught Me About Minimalism and Contentment

One thing we didn't account for was just how selective we would need to be with what we brought on the RV. Thus, it was by my miserliness and Kim’s dream of a world without hallways that we stumbled rather accidentally into minimalism. But the Lord has taught me a lot through the experience of living with less. He’s taught me about contentment, my sinful heart, and the realities of disappointment.

A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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