A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done


How to Organize Your Writing with Markdown

We all do a lot of writing on our computers. I use my computer to write blog articles (see?), documentation for work, emails, books that will never be published, And, while I was in school, I wrote lots and lots of papers. But all of this writing on the computer presents some problems. For one, how do you keep all those documents organized? Should you write them all in Microsoft Word? What about...

My Current Productivity Arsenal

As someone who is trying to maximize their life for God’s glory, I am always on the lookout for new systems and tools which can help me accomplish that goal. If you read this blog, I'm betting you're the same way. So, I thought it might fun to share with you what I’m currently using in my personal productivity arsenal.

How I Use OmniFocus to Get More Done

When I was involved in campus ministry, I used to carry around a notebook and collapsible pen in my back pocket. Both were very tiny. I would jot down thoughts and people’s contact information, but mostly I used it to make check lists. I would draw a little box to tick and a to-do item next to it. Next line. Another little box and another to-do item. That’s how I made sure I got...

How I use Screen Time on iOS 12 to Fight iPhone Distraction

Subscribe to the blog and get the latest posts and updates in your inbox. Subscribe I’ve previously written on Smart Phones and Distraction and How to make your iPhone read Kindle books to you. I also recently gave my picks for the top 10 iPhone apps for Christians. In light of this, some might say I write too much about the iPhone. But I’ve just got to talk about this new Screen Time...

How to Make Your iPhone or iPad Read Kindle Books Aloud to You

In the evenings, Charles Spurgeon’s wife would sit on a cushion at his feet and read to him. So far, I have been unsuccessful in persuading my wife to do the same for me, but I think I may have found an alternative solution. I now listen to Kindle books on iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could squeeze in a few more chapters of your Kindle book while driving, exercising, or...

How to Manage Ministry Email Overload

Look, we all hate email. The inbox, she hounds us. Messages seem to never stop piling up. Most of them are useless. And the whole email affair seems to be this never-ending time-suck. No sooner do we beat back the inbox beast than it’s back with another newsletter, urgent request, or CC/Reply All to crush our spirit of progress. But like it or not, email is a form of communication...

A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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