Redeeming Productivity A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done


How I Use the Bullet Journal Method to Steward My Attention

This week’s post on the Bullet Journal system is written by Emily Maxson. Emily graduated from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in History and an addiction to research. When not occupied with housewifery, she maintains interests in theology, education, and vintage jazz. If you, like Emily, are a Christian with a penchant for productivity and are interested in guest writing for Redeeming...

How I Use OmniFocus to Get More Done

When I was involved in campus ministry, I used to carry around a notebook and collapsible pen in my back pocket. Both were very tiny. I would jot down thoughts and people’s contact information, but mostly I used it to make check lists. I would draw a little box to tick and a to-do item next to it. Next line. Another little box and another to-do item. That’s how I made sure I got...

How Christians Can Keep Up With the News Without Going Down the Rabbit Hole

color bars

I am not a news junky at all. If anything I have the tendency to fall into the camp of ignorance is bliss. But I also recognize that being prepared to offer Christian responses to current events is important. For me, the thought of scrolling through dozens of news sites a day just to know what’s happening in the world sounds like medieval torture. In this age of information overload, our...

Time Blocking: The Most Effective Productivity Tool I’ve Ever Used

Think about this way. If you knew you didn't have a moment to waste, would it limit distractions? Would you fritter away fewer hours checking Facebook? Could it save you from mindlessly saying "yes" to time-wasting meetings you don't really need to be a part of? If you could redeem even just 2 extra hours a day, imagine how much more you could accomplish! That's the value of time blocking.

Best Book Stand for Sermon Prep

We’ve discussed why a book stand can be a great addition to your study. But which one should you get? What is the best book stand out there? Well, there are a lot of options out there, so let me share one that I have been really pleased with so far. The¬†Wiztem Jasmine Book Stand This stand has been really good to me. I’ve enjoyed its sturdiness, versatility, and semi-portability...

Redeeming Productivity A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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