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Will We Work in Heaven?

work in heaven

In this periodic series, we’ve been exploring the phases of man’s relationship to work through time—work in the sense of one’s labor in general, job, or vocation. In this installment, we look at work in Heaven. Previous articles include: Work is Not a Dirty Word, about how man was created to work.No TED Talks in Eden, about what happened to work after man’s fall into sin.Productivity...

Productivity & The Gospel (Part 2): It’s About Good Works

We’ve been exploring the different phases of man’s relationship to work—work in the sense of job, labor, or vocation. Man has had varying relationships to work from creation, to work after the fall, to work in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the last installment of this series we began to look at how the gospel changes our view of work. Particularly, we were concerned with whether...

Productivity & The Gospel (Part 1) – Is Christian Productivity Legalistic?

We’ve been talking about God’s grand plan for man and work. Previously, I wrote about God’s good design for work in Work is Not a Dirty Word. Then, in No TED Talks in Eden, we looked at how the curse affected work and how that makes attention to productivity even necessary. Now, I’d like to focus on the relationship between personal productivity and the gospel. I have...

No TED Talks in Eden

In the last post, “Work is Not a Dirty Word“, we noted the wrong-headedness of believers assuming that just because it is difficult that work is, therefore, a consequence of the Fall. Work was created by God as very good. Man worked with joy and pleasure before the fall, and in the eternal state, he will once again enjoy the unfrustrated, painless joy of work as it was intended. But...

Work is Not a Dirty Word

When we talk about the subject of productivity, we need to recognize that what we are really talking about is work—how to get more work done better, faster, etc. But some Christians carry with them the mistaken assumption that work is a bad thing. They believe it is a tedious but necessary consequence of sin and the fall. To many of us, work is synonymous with pain, toil, and frustration. We...

A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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