The 10 Commandments of New Year’s Resolutions

Episode 21

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In this episode, I offer 10 resolutions that every believer should consider adding to their 2020 list. The over-arching goal of all of these resolutions is to honor Christ even more in the new year in how we steward all that He has entrusted to us.


Hosted by
Reagan Rose

Slave of Jesus Christ, husband, father, and Director of Digital Platforms at Grace to You. I also blog for The Master's Seminary.

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  • Thanks as always, Reagan. I especially appreciated the idea of the allure of images (3rd commandment) as it relates to technology and entertainment. I understood the nuance you intended there.

    I bought Drew Dyck’s book after hearing him on the podcast, and have started that. Read your review of the and am listening to that episode again.

    Appreciate the work and wisdom, Reagan- looking forward to 2020.

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Episode 21