How the Industrial Revolution Ruined Everything

The Industrial Revolution brought untold financial prosperity to the West. It also forms the philosophical foundation for the modern personal productivity movement. In this episode, I discuss some of what was lost in our work, our homes, and our understanding of both time and productivity because of how the Industrial Revolution reshaped our thinking. 

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Reagan Rose
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Reagan Rose

Helping people get more done for the glory of God. Creator of Redeeming Productivity, husband, & father of two.

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  • Incredible session – especially benefited from the insight regarding pride in my labor being difficult since my labor is “owned” by the company.
    Agree that home based learning and work may restore some family dynamic.
    Love the long view showing that what is considered normal is relatively new. One benefit of the lockdown is a re-evaluation of routines taken for granted.

    • Thanks, Mark. Yes, I agree. I do believe that was one of the blessings that actually came by way of the lockdown.

  • This was fantastic. You got to the heart of the issue with clarity. Glad to know there are other brothers out there seeing this. I believe the life of abundance Christ speaks of must apply to all areas of our journey here. May we grasp it in its

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