Re-Launch: The Pastor’s Week is Now Redeeming Productivity

I’m changing the name of The Pastor’s Week and relaunching the blog as Redeeming Productivity. Allow me to take a moment to explain this decision and what it means for the future of the blog.

Why the Name Change?

My personal goal in starting this blog hasn’t changed. I had been repeatedly disappointed at the lack of theological depth in most Christian works on productivity. I don’t say that to knock what’s out there, I have found much of it very helpful in my own life. But what I wanted is a full-fledged Christian theology of productivity and motivation. This blog is my pursuit of that goal while also (hopefully) showing some very practical ways that modern tools and methods can be rooted in sound theology, instead of worldly philosophies.

But, the name change does reflect a slight change of direction. When I started The Pastor’s Week two years ago I wanted to write to a unique subset of Christians, namely pastors, focussing on their unique productivity challenges. What I have realized in this process is that almost all of the advice, tips, and reviews I was writing applied not just to pastors, but to all Christians. Redeeming Productivity better reflects that new, broader scope and better emphasizes the spirit behind this blog—to establish a truly Christian approach to getting stuff done.

Will You Still Write Articles Specifically for Pastors?

I will.

I plan to convert “The Pastor’s Week” into a category on the blog which will feature minister-specific advice along with interviews and other goodies aimed at those in ministry. I work for a theological seminary whose aim is the training of pastors, so I’m always going to drift that way since I live in that world.

But for the most part, I’m hoping that the new content will appeal to pastors and to Christians more generally.

What’s Next?

Last year I was completing my Master of Divinity and taking on more responsibilities at work. I had to make a decision about how I would use my very limited time. I elected to put the blogging on hiatus in order to finish strong with my studies. But now that I have completed my seminary training, I plan to pour more time and focus into this blog.

In the coming months, expect more posts and at least one very exciting announcement I will be able to share with you soon.

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