Redeeming Productivity A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

Why Pastors Must Produce

Productivity is a buzzword, to be sure. I almost regret using it to describe Christian ministry.

The term “productivity” encapsulates an entire genre of books, apps, conferences—even diets. But for the pastor, called by God to feed Christ’s sheep and to shepherd the flock with care, productivity is different than the world’s version. Productivity becomes more than a matter of being an efficient employee, completing school assignments on time, or earning more money. It becomes a matter of stewardship.

Therefore, it is crucial that ministry leaders know how to produce…


1837 engraving of Jonathan Edwards
1837 engraving of Jonathan Edwards

The great American theologian and pastor, Jonathan Edwards, wrote much on the preciousness of time. He thought so highly of the subject that it appears just 5th in his famous 70 resolutions:

“Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.”
Jonathan Edwards

Every pastor has the same 168 hours in their week, and the Sunday sermon shapes the other six days. It is the day he labors toward. His weekend is not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If he’s blessed enough to even have a day off, his break from the work week usually comes on Monday.

Pastor, week after week you must step into the pulpit with a carefully crafted sermon prepared from God’s Word. If that were all you were tasked with, it would be heavy enough. But counseling, discipleship, budgetary concerns, and myriad other administrative tasks daily (if not hourly) threaten to crowd out your precious seconds of sermon prep time.

The question, then, is this: how can you, as a minister of Christ Jesus, best leverage the time and abilities which God has entrusted to you, in order to maximize His glory with the little time you have on this earth?

For the time is short, indeed.



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Slave of Jesus Christ, husband, preacher-man, productivity nut, and Director of Operations at The Master's Seminary.

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By Reagan Rose
Redeeming Productivity A Christian Approach to Getting Stuff Done

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